Where To Buy ASIN Codes for Amazon

Where To Buy ASIN Codes for Amazon

ASIN (Amazon Standard Identification Number) codes are unique codes assigned by Amazon to each product listed on the platform. These codes are used to identify and track products within the Amazon marketplace, and are necessary for sellers to create and manage their listings. In this article, we will discuss the process of buying UPC/EAN codes, which than became ASIN codes for Amazon marketplace.

  1. Understand the requirements: Before buying UPC (ASIN) codes, it’s important to understand that Amazon requires that all products listed on its platform have unique and accurate product information, including a valid UPC/EAN (ASIN) code. This includes providing a product title, description, and images that accurately represent the product being sold.
  2. Identify the need: If you are planning to sell a new product on Amazon, it’s important to determine whether the product already has an ASIN code assigned to it. If the product is already listed on Amazon, you can simply use the existing ASIN code and join the listing. However, if the product is not already listed, or you want to make new listing without competition, or create boundle/set/kit of products – you will need to purchase a new UPC/EAN (ASIN) code.
  3. Research ASIN (UPC/EAN) code providers: There are several companies and websites that sell UPC/EAN (ASIN) codes for Amazon. Researching and comparing different providers is important to ensure that you are getting the best price and service. Some providers may offer additional services such as product listing optimization or account management.
  4. Purchase the UPC/EAN (ASIN) code: Once you have identified a reputable ASIN code provider, you can purchase the UPC/EAN (ASIN) code by providing the necessary information and paying the fee. It’s important to keep a copy of the invoice and any other documentation provided by the provider in case of any issues with the ASIN code when creatin new listing.
  5. Create a listing: Once you have received the UPC/EAN codes, you can create a new listing on Amazon using the UPC or EAN code, which than became ASIN – internal Amazon inventory code. Be sure to fill in all the product information and upload high-quality images that accurately represent the product.

It is important to note that UPC/EAN codes, which will contain your company prefix can only be obtained from GS1 sevice only. You cannot buy UPC/EAN ASIN codes from 3rd party sellers with your own company/brand – such codes used mostly for unbranded products and boundles. Many sellers shoose to buy UPC/EAN codes from resellers because of cheap price and fast obtaining process.

Sellers who buy from UpcGo, can fast and cheap test new products/creatives, make boundles/kits, easy sell generic parts for auto/phone, acessories etc.

In conclusion, buying ASIN codes for Amazon is a simple process that helps sellers to create and manage their product listings on the platform. By understanding the requirements, identifying the need, researching ASIN code providers, purchasing the code, and creating a listing, sellers can ensure that their products are properly identified and tracked within the Amazon marketplace.

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