Changing a Brand Name on an existing Amazon listing

Changing a Brand Name on an existing Amazon listing

Changing a Brand Name on an existing listing is often intimidating, even for seasoned sellers. When starting to search for information on this topic on the Amazon Seller Forums, one often comes across the advice to create a new listing and not even start fighting with Amazon support. Recently, Support has taken it upon itself to respond that changing the Brand name on an already selling listing is contrary to the Brand Policy, as it misleads buyers.

A common situation for beginners is to change the Brand Name from “Generic” or “N/A” to the name you need. Why does this situation occur and what is error 5665

When creating a new listing, novice sellers encounter Error 5665 when entering the Brand name they want. Because the name they enter does not exist in the Amazon Brand Registry database, the seller, in a hurry to quickly create a listing, enters the word “Generic” or “N/A” in the Brand field.

Error 5665 only tries to convey to us that we cannot enter the name we need in the Brand field until one of two actions occurs:

📌 You have a trademark registered in the Amazon Brand Registry.
📌 You have permission through Seller Support to use the name you need (Selling application for Catalog Authorization)

This is where the root of the problem lies – trademark registration takes time and money (especially for a novice entrepreneur). As a result, the seller enters Generic / NA, thus creating an additional headache for himself in the future.

👌🏼SOLUTION: How to change Brand Name if you have already created a listing with Generic / NA in Brand field and you don’t have Brand Registry?

✅ STEP 1. Write to the Seller support service and get permission / exception to use your name. In the Subject of the letter, specify “Error 5665”. You need to send a photo of the product – photos should be as simple / lifestyle as possible (product on the table or held in hands accepted) and the main requirement – the name of your brand must be indicated on the product itself or its packaging (permanently affixed). Usually Support responds within 1-2 days and sends an email that you can now use your “Brand Name” and it is completely ready to be used on your account when creating new listings.

STEP 2. Go to Edit Listing and try to change the name through the interface or Flat file. Usually this method does not work.

STEP 3. Write to Support and ask “Manually override the existing Brand Name from Generic to >”Your Brand Name” on the listing/listings you need. You may encounter difficulties at this step – support may say that they cannot do this , as it is against the rules and will ask you to create a new listing. With patience and luck, they will manually correct the Brand name and within 2-3 days it will appear in all the required fields on all the listings you requested.

This method also works for products/listings that have a GTIN Exemption and you don’t have a UPC code.


How not to get into this situation in the first place and not create an extra headache for yourself?

🚫Avoid Generic or N/A in the Brand field when creating your listings. This should only be used if you are really selling a no-name product and will not / do not intend to register a TM, do not plan to use your brand in the future.

If you make PL, and the name of your brand is written on the product or packaging, there is a logo and all this sold via Generic listing – the buyer will expect a no-name product, and he will receive a set of plates in a package with the epic name “GAYLORD FUCKER”. This may lead to negative feedback and other complaints.

Create your listing right from the very beginning!

Have a good sales.

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