How to get UPC Codes (Efficient and Budget-Friendly Method)

How to get UPC Codes (Efficient and Budget-Friendly Method)

If venturing into Amazon sales excites you, then understanding Amazon UPC codes is essential. These codes play a pivotal role for online sellers, serving as the cornerstone within the product ID section of your Amazon listing. Without a valid code in this field, your product can’t hit the digital shelves.

Amazon mandates the use of “GS1 UPC codes” for finalizing product listings. It’s important to note that creating your own UPC code won’t fly with Amazon’s policies. So, let’s delve into the basics of procuring a UPC code tailored for Amazon, and discover where to snag them affordably. (Plus, we’ve got an exclusive 15% discount code waiting for you below!).

First things first

Decoding UPC Numbers

A UPC (Universal Product Code), commonly known as a “Barcode,” is a unique 12-digit identifier assigned to products sold both offline and online. Compliant with GS1 specifications, these codes facilitate seamless product scanning at the point of sale. Adhering to the GS1 standard is crucial, as any deviation could breach Amazon’s terms of service.

Do You Really Need a UPC Code for Amazon?

Absolutely. You can’t proceed with listing a product on Amazon without a UPC code. It’s the linchpin for populating the product ID field during listing creation. If you’re reselling a product that already bears a barcode, you’re in luck – simply input that code into the product ID section.

Navigating the Amazon Product ID Section

UPCs and EANs reign supreme as the most common product IDs on Amazon. These codes are widely used across the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, and other Western European nations.

Where to Secure UPC Codes for Amazon?

While some opt for the allure of cheap codes on platforms like eBay, the risk of snagging recycled codes looms large. Amazon could perceive your products as fraudulent, potentially leading to account shutdowns.

The smarter move? Source your UPC codes from reputable GS1 resellers like They bulk-purchased their codes directly from GS1 (former UCC), enabling them to offer competitive prices sans renewal fees. Rest assured, stands behind their codes with a 100% money-back guarantee.

Step-by-Step Guide to Purchasing UPC Codes for Amazon (with Visuals)

1. Head to a trusted UPC codes vendor’s website (We recommend

    2. Pick the desired quantity of barcodes

      3. Click on “Add to cart” button and proceed to Checkout

      4. Fill required fields and click “Place order” button

      5. Go to your Email and Download an Excel spreadsheet of your barcodes

      6. Create new Amazon product listing

      7. Input the purchased UPC code into the product ID field to validate its uniqueness

      8. Finalize your Amazon listing

        Demystifying Amazon Product ID Terminology:

        ASIN (Amazon Standard Identification Number):

        This unique 10-character alphanumeric catalog number is assigned by Amazon upon listing creation.

        GCID (Global Catalog Identifier):

        Primarily relevant for established brands, GCIDs are unique identifiers assigned by Amazon for brand-registered products.

        GTIN (Global Trade Item Number):

        A 14-digit code encompassing various barcode standards, including UPCs and EANs. For simplicity, stick to UPC codes for new product listings.

        Common FAQs About UPC Codes for Amazon Sellers:

        How many UPC codes do I need per Amazon listing?

        Just one UPC code suffices per new product listing, regardless of the quantity of items listed.

        Do I enter the UPC code under “product I.D.” when creating a new Amazon listing?

        Yes, select “UPC” from the dropdown menu and input the complete code from left to right.

        Are UPC codes identical for the same product?

        Yes, the same product warrants the same UPC code. Adjust the quantity when listing identical products.

        Do I need to purchase a UPC code, if I want to sell a product with other sellers in the same listing, which is already listed on Amazon?

        No, opt for the ASIN option in the product ID dropdown and input the active listing’s ASIN number.

        Do I need new UPC code if I want to create new generic listing?

        Yes, you need unique UPC code for product listing that is not listed on Amazon: generic products, kits and sets, noname small parts etc.

        Must UPC codes be physically affixed to each listed product?

        No, one UPC code can cover multiple identical items. The code’s purpose is solely for listing, not physical product labeling.

        What’s the deal with GS1 barcodes?

        GS1 barcodes adhere to a standardized format, essential for Amazon compliance. Ensure your barcodes meet GS1 standards.

        In Summary

        UPC codes are the gateway to initiating product listings on Amazon, requiring just one code per product variation. Don’t stress over UPC intricacies; focus on kickstarting your Amazon venture. And hey, if you’re eager to dive deeper, consider exploring our blog for beginners, designed to empower aspiring entrepreneurs like you.

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