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We are UPC codes resellers. We can sell codes to a private person, company or a manufacturer, all our codes are new, unused, unique and exist in gs1 datbase, work for any product and will reflect the product information you assign to each code. But if you want your company prefix in every code – you can obtain such codes only in Gs1 Org directly, because we (as every other resellers over Inerenet) sell third party companies’ codes which were issued before gs1 and will never expire. 
Since 2015 we are fully engaged in supporting e-commerce solutions for online sellers. In particular, we have already provided more than 1 million unique UPC and EAN codes. More than 10 thousands of our satisfied customers all over the world are happy with their purchase. Mostly they are Amazon sellers, but not just them. The codes work on many sites, such as Google Merchant, Ebay, Ecrater, Shopify, iTunes etc – both online and offline and they are authorized by the GS1 service.
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