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Nickolay81Posted on11:16 am - Dec 5, 2017

Checked. Works. Thanks.

FunnyMaePosted on11:17 am - Dec 5, 2017

Codes received during the day, everything is OK! THX

    Esbadee2k7Posted on12:32 am - Apr 6, 2020

    Please, l need the UPC for listing on Walmart. Will it work? Thanks

      Sam V.Posted on12:53 pm - Jul 23, 2020

      Kroger’s / Wal-Mart / Target / Lowes / Home Depot?
      – In the process of placing their goods only for these stores, a copy of the GS1 / UCC certificate with the name of its own company on it is required. Unfortunately, neither we nor other resellers of UPC EAN codes can provide you with this document. In this case, you must purchase the codes directly in the GS1 / UCC by applying and get this document. Our codes will work in any other stores in the world, but not in these stores.

NazarMallPosted on11:31 am - Dec 5, 2017

Gut! GS1 sees it and the price pleases 🙂

NingPosted on11:45 am - Jan 30, 2020


I would like to know if you have certification for the UPC code?

Thank you

Esbadee2k7Posted on9:28 pm - Apr 5, 2020

Hi, please how legal is your UPC?

MohammedPosted on1:25 pm - May 29, 2020

100pc upc code for $12.99

1. Is this code work on Amazon unique barcode?
2. Is this require yearly renewal or one time buy only?

UPCPosted on4:26 pm - May 24, 2023

I would like to buy 6 of GS1 barcodes, How I can know that what I pay for it is the correct (GS1 barcodes) ?