Best Price Guaranteed!

We guarantee the best price!

At UPC GO we strive to keep our prices competitive. If you know another online legal code seller who has the same code packs but at a lower price than ours, we are guaranteed to beat their price by 15%. Provided UPC / EAN reseller must sell legal and unique codes and has its own website. This offer does not apply to auctions and marketplaces such as eBay, or to any company that sells codes that are not related to UCC and GS1.

We also will not give a discount if you find another reseller who sells for the same price, it must be a lower price.

Before making a purchase, please send an email to with a link to the site where you found the lower price and the number of barcodes you intend to buy. After verification, we will send you a discount coupon that includes the price found + an additional 15% discount. This must be done before making a purchase! Returns or extra codes will not be processed if you find a lower price after placing your order. Do not place an order without a promo code, otherwise you will be charged the full price and no refunds will be issued.